Welcome to Solid State Technologies. We provide a modern, high quality standard in industrial water treatment products; utilizing Ultra-Concentrated chemical treatments. These are highly concentrated, performance enhanced products which represent the latest anti-scalant, anti-fouling, corrosion inhibition ingredients for industrial boiler, cooling, closed loop and steamline applications.

Solid State Technologies is not solely focused on offering just “Solid� concentrated treatments, we focus on the concept of Ultra-Concentrates which are “Liquid� products. Solid State Technology clients can then utilize the best available technologies in a manner that allows for a safer, No-Touch application of these concentrated water treatment products.

Discover Simplicity Systems
SafeR-Simpler & Smarter Solutions for Water Treatment

Solid State Technologies has designed the Simplicity Systems to be "No-Touch", where we have eliminated water out of the water treatment product. Simply Invert the gallon, puncture the seal, Capture the product into the Simplicity Vessel and Use it by pumping it directly into your system!

It really is that Simple!  

Simply recycle your containers – no drum disposal, no heavy drums
 to move and in most cases, products ship via UPS!

So what does Simplicity mean for you?

Our products are more concentrated so you will be able to treat more of your system volume without having to spend more to treat more. No more shipping the heavy drums or moving the heavy drums. No more recycling or disposing of drums. Pay less for shipping and we can all conserve our most precious resource – water, by leaving it out of the drum.